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# 492 Vikings [Military clan]

Author# 492 Vikings [Military clan]
I welcome you warrior empire.

As a recruiter clan fighting "Vikings", I want to invite to join us (entry fee 5000).
More information about us you can find here http://www.heroeswm.ru/clan_info.php?id=492.

We can see detailed statistics of the clan, in which you can keep track of your daily achievements (guild, the number of hunting, earned skill points, etc.)
A clan already has pumped weapon master (soklanevtsev for free, only the elements), and blacksmiths (for clan members 90% to 100%).
Clan buns and tournaments, and more ...

Also, there are clan enterprises, which were captured from the enemy forces small indigenous composition of the clan, and that says a team spirit.

If you are still tired nube naked bursts into your applications, spoiling you statistics, mood, achieve results, winning a victory at the Imperial War, events, group battles, then we are your salvation. Take your friends with whom you would like to spend fighting and joined the ranks of our clan.
By increasing the number of soldiers we raise adequate comfort of your gameplay, strength and power of our clan.
Welcome to the clan with 8 lvl, all wishing to write in private.
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We are waiting for you in the clan.
Protect the empire with us.
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