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#6085 Order of the Lion[military clan]

Author#6085 Order of the Lion[military clan]
The questionnaire in the form of:

1. Nick in game:
2. Current rig:
3. How much time is dedicated to the game, at which time play
4. Real name. Age. Birthday. residence
5. Whether there are additional characters (nicknames)
6. Accepts the rules of the clan
7. Participation in the event and wars necessarily
8. The presence of Fulla, craft (preferably)
9.Nalichie program skype for communication.
10.Oplatit entry of 6000 imperial gold. (1000 gold is to build a clan warehouse)
11.Napisat head or deputy of the clan desire joining a clan
Players from 13 + level invitation FREE (During Event)
1) Do not be rude.
2) Respect for Each Other
3) Know and follow the rules of the online game.
Join Us!
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