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#7743 - I Am The Winner Of Survival Tournament

Author#7743 - I Am The Winner Of Survival Tournament
* We Are The Winners Of Survival Tournament *

"I Am The Winner Of Survival Tournament" is the VIP Status clan (https://www.lordswm.com/clan_info.php?id=7743).

The only thing it gives for you is the feeling of proud of beeing the member of such a clan, beeing The Winner Of Survival Tournament.

Clan title printed on yours character page is the main thing which this clan can offer for you. Also you can use it like an easy way to see who is online among your main opponents in ST.

Entrance requirements:
- You mast have at least 3 medals from ST
- At least one of them must be Gold medal
- Entry cost is 5000 gold

PM me (DarkEvengar), transfer gold and I'll send an invitaion for you as soon as I am online.
Good luck in upcoming 99th Survival Tournament!
Good luck in upcoming 100th Survival Tournament!
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