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[SERVICE][Clan Website and Forum creation]

Author[SERVICE][Clan Website and Forum creation]
I am offering my services as a website creator. Due to real life money requirements any website I make for you will have to be a SUBDOMAIN of an existing website that is either providing by a third party free service or you.

Example formats of web URL
--> yourclanname.freeforums.org
--> yourclanname.weebly.com
--> yourclanname.uzch.com
--> and many more available

I have lots of experience in web site design as I have made my own personal website (currently under redevelopment to look cooler with the new HTML5 standards) and I have also developed a School Notice system for my school.
--> Links are available on request (School System is passworded so no link available)

I offer two methods of website creation
a) Make and Go
--> This method means I make the site / forum and as soon as the final transfer of payment has taken place I am no longer responsible for maintaining the content or keeping the site up to date.
b) Make and Hang Around
--> This method means I make the site / forum and with a constant monthly payment, usually something small, I will maintain the site. This means I will add and remove content, alter the appearance (colors, font etc.) and to a point make serious alterations as to how the site works.

Their are also two types of sites I can make
a) Informative Site
--> This means that all the site has is information for your clan in any layout you want. It could be in the form of a blog or a wiki or a different fancy layout.
b) Forum
--> This can not only hold information like the informative site but it can also be a place exclusively for clan members to communicate which is another great feature to add to your "exclusive clan features list". Each clan member will get their own username and the Admins and Moderators (assigned by the clan leader) can manage the forum's look, feel and content.

Prices are as follows
Package 1 - One off build - 15,000
This package includes the design and creation of one website with up to 10 pages or the creation of a forum with as many categories as you want. Once you are satisfied I will turn over the password and the site will be all yours never for me to see again

Package 2 - Everlasting life - 10,000 + 5000/month
This package includes the design and creation of one website with as many pages as you want or a forum with as many categories as you want. I will give you the password from the start and with the constant monthly payment I will maintain the site, keeping it working, adding new features and fixing whatever you break

Package 3 - Eternal Awesomeness - 20,000 + 8000/month/site + 8,000/site
This package includes everything in Everlasting Life but allows you to have as many sites as you want for as many clans as you want. YOU have to be the leader of all the clans and only one person can fund this package. Also included are 2 free excel tools that you can use to manage your clan.

For more info please PM me. These sites are not crappily made with free tools. They will be made professionally my someone who knows what they are doing. For examples of my work please see my website that is under construction http://www.samuelattard.com
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