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AuthorForth into the Past
As predicted by the Academics, this night the constellation of Behemoth appeared right in the zenith above the greatest magical research center of the Empire - the Sunny City.
The inquisitive Academics and the adventure-thirsty Nobility alike immediately sensed the opportunity to open the portals to the Past and continue their research.

Lord and ladies, Abu-Bakir, the Head of Empire Academy of Magical sciences, has reopened the Time portal. According to the forecast of the Academy, the constellation will remain in the zenith for 7 days. We need to help Councilor Bilir to venture into the Past and collect unique research data.
Since today and until March, 26th, every lord of combat level 3 and above may venture into an exciting journey into the Past and assist the Academy research group by battling any hostile parties discovered there.

The portal is a sophisticated device that does not allow passing through it under normal conditions. A lord must power the portal, and power any creatures he or she wants to take along to this adventure, with Crystals of time.
Every time traveler will be credited with a starter lot of 300 Crystals of time.
The following limitations exist for all characters:
Chosen talents have no effect;
Primary parameters of the characters (except those granted by artifacts), any faction skill bonuses including unique racial abilities have no effect;
Only shop artifacts are acceptable to pass through the portal;
Enchantments on artifacts have no effect.
Lords may not take their normal armies, instead, they may recruit any creatures they would like to accompany them in the Past: of one or more factions; basic and upgraded ones simultaneously, etc. Each creature needs certain amount of Crystals of time to charge them. Also note that if creatures of different factions are recruited, their morale will decrease.
Magic spells will also not be carried over through the portals initially. By charging the portal with crystals, lords are able to access any spells of their interest, of all Magic schools, at Expert level.

Abu-Bakir and Bilir guarantee safe return of all lords and ladies, but for the sake of mental stability, limit the number of time travels by 7 per day (unused travels stack up and may be used on later days). It is known that time travelers that return victorious earn a good amount of skill points for their current faction, as well as some minor amount of gold. More importantly, every travel earns additional crystals of time that may be used to upgrade magic or to improve recruitment.

In the Past, you will encounter the so called Sentinels of the Past which count three neutral factions: Recalcitrant Tribes (already challenged during the Empire Defender day), Templars of the Sun and the Amphibians. Learn your foe, and be on guard, use the crystals of time wisely, their clever distribution will undoubtedly influence your success.
And remember: time travels may lead to irremediable mistakes in our present and future. Try not to do anything outrageous!

Distribute crystals of time
Enlist in battle with the Sentinels of the Past

Best of luck to you in your... Past adventures!
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