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AuthorAbu-Bakir's Charm
Dear players,

The so called Premium Account, previously available at 20 diamonds, may now be purchased in the Potions section of the Artifact shop at 50,000 gold by the name of "Abu-Bakir's Charm". Its advantages and duration have not changed:
- Double inventory size;
- Double maximal amount of market lots;
- Hunters', Mercenaries', Thieves' and Rangers' guild encounters 30% more often;
- Faction skill points received +10%;
- Laborers' guild points received +50%;
- Premium mount
for the period of 30 days.

All players who have purchased the Premium Account with diamonds at least once will have the Charm effects extended for a period of extra 30 days.
We hope that the possibility to purchase this service with gold can make it highly acclaimed and massively used.

Thanks and happy gaming!
LordsWM Team
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