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[Service] [Profile Builder] [500-1000 gold]


Author[Service] [Profile Builder] [500-1000 gold]
Your profile speaks about you. It describes how good or bad or skilled you are. People with poor profiles dont make it well in the community. But people who i will help build up their profile will get really good support from the communtiy.

Here is what I do to your profile:
1. Non Animated Avatar- 150 gold
2. Animated Avatar- 250 gold.
3. Story (300 words)- 300 gold
4. Describing your services like leasing, etc. very well- 150 gold.
If they end up more than 300 charachters I charge 1 gold per word extra.

If you take all services toghether total gold = 850 gold, I will excuse you the 1 gold per word duty.
I will mail you the text of profile you copy paste it and I put on the vatar which you copy too
You can also take these services individually if you like. Special offers for indians and those in clan hunting lords. PM me for them
i would like an animated avatar related to war is that possibel
sure it is my friend. Will pm you.

Thanks for coming here:)
on top of the world.

Happy hour was given a wonderful avatar check it.
Also check Vicky666

Earned 500 gold in a day.


The usual cost is 750 gold for the quality i am providing so dont miss the opputunity
thnx. Also note that I will be now onwards using the site-
imgur.com to upload your avatars. I will give you the link and you can download it.

This will allow me a chance to make a good avatar for myselfXD

Ii hadnt made for myself till now :O(

Another of my work.

Another Point to Note

I will be increasing my prices to 500 gold after june 7th as I had put low prices in the beggining as I was a newbie but now I am getting Professional so the extra gold has to be excused.
Player banned by moderator Wertz until 2013-05-26 04:43:25 // FR #3.2
Hi I would like to know if you can make some animated avatars ? By animated I don't mean text moving here and there on static image but animated image itself. So far there is nothing special in your avatars just a still image and moving text.
Yaah buddy, i can make image animations but its tough to get them fitting in the 50kb size limit. I will pm yo on this
Ok. To all those who have been under miscoceptions after the scavenger's post-

I can make image animations. Its just that a few of them have been text due to the demand of the buyers. If you askk for image animation, I can do my best work on it and get you a cool image animated pic which will cost 350 gold.
thnx for bump
bump. i have 2 avatars to make today
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