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7 Hunter arts wholesale [2000 gold]

Author7 Hunter arts wholesale [2000 gold]
I have 7 hunter arts for sale the arts are
1>Hunter hat
2>Hunter pendent
3>hunter broadsword
4>hunter bow
5>hunter shield
6>hunter boots
7>hunter shirt
The set gives a total of 1>+3% initiative +1 attack +2 defence +5% ranged damage and also give +14%damage no neutrals.Those interested pm me please.
Local Rule#2//Thread headers in this branch must fit the following standard:
[Transaction type][Item][Mod][Durability][Price]

So, please recreate your thread with a proper header.

[Sell][Hunter Arts][Durability][2000 gold]

And don't forget to mention the durability of the arts too. You may indicate the durability in the header if all of the arts have the same durability, else mention them inside the thread.
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