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Gold For Sale !!!!! Best offer available

AuthorGold For Sale !!!!! Best offer available
Hi guys i Got some pure gold for sale its precious ..... My gold are really lucky PM me if u need to buy it

1 Pravin Gold= 100 of ur gold (real Worth)
1 Pravin Gold= 80 of ur gold (offer price !!!!!) come and get it

and if u get all my gold (178 gold) i would send it to you for 5000 GOLD PM ME IF U NEED IT ....... BEST EVER OFFER
Player banned by moderator ElfPride until 2013-09-06 04:57:52 // Local Rule#1 and #3 and capitalization abuse (T&S is not a place to make fun)
lol? troll thread?
closed by ElfPride (2013-09-05 04:58:02)
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