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[Military Clan] #1209: Any Key

Author[Military Clan] #1209: Any Key
We are looking for active players who would like to join our clan.

Our clan has the depository. We control 4 subdistricts for collecting battle glory points.
Although most of us speak Russian, we are also interested in attracting English-speaking players.

6+ level
be an active player
have a clean transfer log
be polite with other players
willing to pay tax or defend our subdistricts

Our clan: https://www.lordswm.com/clan_info.php?id=1209
Join fee = 5000
i have heard some rumor that in your clan there are two kinds of members: some of them do nothing daily times except waiting for tournaments and events, compress every drops of fsp ratio, while the other part serve as mercenaries who defends the mines and takes money from it(of course they don't care about the clan ). i want to know is this true or false? sorry to offend if i have made it unintentionally.
Clan members often win tournaments, so there is jealousy from other players.
This gives rise to various rumors.

Now for successful participation in tournaments need support buildings of Clan. This requires "battle glory".

There are 2 kind of members:

1) Players which defend our subdistricts. They don't pay tax.
They are refunded with 120% for participating in battles for facility control.

2) Players which can't defend (no time, no desire etc.). They pay tax to provide 120% for defenders and clan depository development.

Every member of the clan must be useful.
[Post deleted by moderator Magier // That's something you should ask him in PM (Local 6.4)]
[Post deleted by moderator Magier // ^^ same for you :)]
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