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I will repair for free as long as i have enough money.

Sent arts, I'll repair asap: hunter gear, shop artifacts, amulets, etc...

Up to 2500 repair cost that I do for free.
Send your art (0/x durability) to me, astorganinsky, following this instruction:
In your inventory, click the "transfer" link of this artifact under the name of your artifact, and in the "Item transaction" page fill in the form as follows:
- Enter character name: astorganinsky
- Golds: 1 (Only 1 gold here, it's what I need to pay you)
- Transfer with recall in: 0.01 days, 0 combats and "Allow repairing"

I will return it once it get repaired, but if I'm offline, you can withdraw it after it's repaired.
Remember, It`s free!
It's free. What you waiting for?
super fast service. What you waiting for?
Remember, It`s free!
closed by astorganinsky (2014-02-19 23:47:08)
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