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Wierd Bug Making Perished skel move

AuthorWierd Bug Making Perished skel move
https://www.lordswm.com/war.php?warid=601532258 -> it happened when the combat ended
Woah that was weird it probably a problem in the combat loading.
Its no bug at all. In the end they moved becouse of independace so the necro player hadnt control of it. On the next turn they died of decay.
for velniukstis:
Watch the dead skele at the end of combat (during end screen), the dead skele get up and walk forward.
go home skeleton you`re drunk XD
Ugh yeah, that skele start crawling and then got up!
Well, don't panic! It is not for nothing they are called *undead*, now is it? They may get up and crawl around as they please... whenever they please...
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