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[Exchange] [Give 5* Estate in LL, Receive 5*Estate in PR]

Author[Exchange] [Give 5* Estate in LL, Receive 5*Estate in PR]
I exchange fully built estate in Lizard Lowlands (https://www.lordswm.com/house_info.php?id=826), for a fully built estate in Portal Ruins.
i pm'ed all of them multiple times already long ago
but wrong Russians live in PR, close to impossible to get a house there
one owner with four houses in PR, some blocked, some inactive for multiple years, some trolls, some ignoring, some ridiculous demands (5mil cash for a barely upgraded one or only exchange for top3 position with max upgrades in his mc location), one owned by empire but can't pm him etc etc
even if you add 200k on top of that estate I don't think you can make the exchange
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