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Need Help ! with Job


AuthorNeed Help ! with Job
Guys I am a professional Burglar in India and nowadays I found it really difficult to burgle as people are alert nowadays so i need your help all you need to do is, Just give me your House address and details about when u wont be at Home or when u would play 3vs3 in Lordswm because That time will me enough for me to burgle u house.

Note : Dont be afraid that I will break ur hour window or door. I am very professional that I dont break them, So feel free (also tell how much cash or jewels you got in your house plz it will be usefull for me to create a statistics and burgle)

Thanking you , Yours beggingly:
Pravin J
lol xD i just spilled my drink
Keep it up man, someday you might make people laugh
he just did...
Will you ever stop?
Keep it up man, someday you might make people laugh
When I'm playing World of Warcraft it's quite possible to steal a piano from my hall and I won't notice:)
Lol xD
I'm never at home in morning so u r welcomed in my house :)
Guys be serious...... I am Serious I have to earn my living, My living is depended on you

@TraceFF : no locks can keep me in I can pick a lock with my single Hair
@ _WarlOrD_ : Never i cant stop doing my Job !!!!!!
@ Worf : K dude I meet u soon But plz book an truck for me in advance to take the piano........... I give commission for you if u do for me this Favor
@Ur_End_Is_Here : K just PM me ur Address...... I thank u in advance
Player banned by moderator ElfPride until 2014-04-22 22:02:48 // FR#4.2.1//Long string violation
@TraceFF : no locks can keep me in I can pick a lock with my single Hair
:O then I can get you bald by the cops :P
I have an address where I can promise that you will find a player very occupied with gaming. At least if there is an attack at any of the EW facilities.

Lol...funny pravin :P
for Pravin J:

Please rob me! I assure free entrance for you any time of the day (or night), free for you to take anything you find inside. Here is the address:
Central Jail, Fateh Tibba, Adarsh Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302004, India ‎
^ I am from Jaipur
No place like that -_-
No place like that -_-
I am sorry but you are wrong. Warlock naviron gave the address of Jaipur Central Jail.
@Lord STB : :P
@Warlock naviron : Sry, I am now in Mood of burgling Houses only, I Rob police stations, and jail only when I am in need of Weapons.

And Guys I just robbed a house yesterday and it was very uncomfortable to me as I was very hungry then ....... So plz prepare enough Food for me and keep them in locker so that I can have a little snacks at time of burglary plz Guys
for shubhamgoyal:

for Warlock naviron:

Lol how do you both know ?
Well, it's my house, what kind of question is that? Of course I know my own address...
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