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[Service] [In-combat Buff Support]

Author[Service] [In-combat Buff Support]
I offer the following services, in combat:

Chastice - 100 g/turn, offered at Advanced Holy School, by up to 6 Lorekeepers
Dispersion - 200g, offered at Advanced Holy School, by up to 6 Lorekeepers
if under Hypnosis, the cost is 500g for dispersion.

Random spell of Advanced Holy School - 300g/turn, offered by up to 25 genies.

Retal taker. Cost varies, depending of the stack sacrificed. The formula is
100g * tier * Units_in_stack.

For A&D Military Clan I offer a 10% discount. Except if you are a puny knight, which doesn't get a discount (they are not worth sacrificing myself for, and get a discount). If moreover, your name is Arcanide or Platomic, there will be an additional 25% fee increase.

See you all in combat!
Fine print: In-Combat Buff Support services are not available to Lord Syrian. Given his predisposition to double crossing, backstabbing and treachery, he might be using my buffs not as much against the enemy but rather to subminate me!...
lol wat is going on here !!!
I must say I enjoyed reading this thread :), but alas a rule forbids this thread, which is:

General Rule#3.20//Any kind of payment for combat is forbidden.
closed by ElfPride (2014-10-03 06:33:49)
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