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Bumping Game !!!

AuthorBumping Game !!!
Hi Guys
Welcome to My Game ;) :D Its practically Easy
All u had to do is type some thing and post in this Forum ......Just bump this forum topic .... BUMP IT

Note : Denote the number of ur post (x)
Ex :
1 st Post = Hi guys (1)
2nd post = How are You (2)

Go on Like this ....

Getting Banned by Moderator for Bumping or for any reasons = + 2 points Bonus

The player who acertains the Hightest Score will receive a gift at the End of the Week
Player banned by moderator MrBattleControl until 2014-10-06 22:23:21 // FR#4.2.1//Long string violation (on purpose)
hi guys!
Corection = Prizes in end of the Month
Current Status :
Pravin J = 2 Scores(including this )
PrettyElf= 1 Score

Note : Denote the Number of ur Post Like this (... (2) Post)
How large is the gift ? (1)
That is intresting questions (2)
Allso , who will give the * gift*?
+2 Point for Pravin for getting banned,we have a winner!
Racing for getting the most bans?
Topic closed
closed by MrBattleControl (2014-10-03 22:24:57)
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