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lags on phone.

Authorlags on phone.
So i want know how its possible that game what i download from google play just disapear?

The game are fifa 15
Maybe someone have that lag to? Maybe someone can help!
Why not just redownload it ?
Not that, it takes phones space but i even cant find it :(
Doesn't the phone have some kind of search for data in its memory/space ?
If it does, do a search on the whole data. If you don't remember the name, redownload the game and check its name, then search with that name. If you didn't move the game, it will be in the same folder as the newly downloaded one. If you can't find the game by search after that, it means your game is removed.
Now that I recall what "smart" phones look like, I guess #4 solution is not possible. Anyway, hope you can do something similar.
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