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AuthorWestern campaign!
Preparation for a campaign was in full swing. The army was training, Lords were collecting artifacts. Grammith was trying to learn something about new territories. It was known that the way would take the army through thick woods. The scouts noticed some mysterious creatures there. Who were they? Grammith was going to find an answer.

Lordship! The western campaign has just started:
1) any Lord of 3+ Combat Level can join the campaign;
2) you can fight in Green Wood, Sunny City, Shining Spring, Lizardís Lowland;
3) having defeated the defenders of each level you can advance into the Sylvan depths one scene far;
4) you can get cloud essence in order to improve your army;
5) some information is still unknown, you should use Forum;
6) the higher is the scene, the more cloud essence is available;
7) every day you can have no more than 3 victories and no more than 6 defeats per scene;
8) you can get creature armaments during the battles.
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