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Answer & Question to Win[1]

AuthorAnswer & Question to Win[1]

Ex 1. Pravin J


1.a) What is the real name of the Empire (Ask questions only if u know the answer of it) :P XD

Followed by ur question the other players have to find the answer; 1/5 players who answer the followed by question asked by you get any Random Art as reward

1) year 1919 ^^

where can you find twice two halves, but never a whole?

(Invented by a 14 y.o. student some 24 years ago ;p)
1. year 1918 ofc and the first world war for reccords
2. a postage stamp
3. Trumpets
4. cut the centi
5. marriage

Grow up bro giv tougher questions.

try this

i am 5 letter word. people eat me
if u remove one letter i will be a form of energy
if u remove another letter i will be needed for living
if u remove another letter i will be a preposition
if u again remove another letter i will be a form of drink.


Which come first? The chicken or the egg?
the chicken's egg which contained a spirit came first! :P

which is faster?
a raiding harpie or a thunderbird? :D
for siddi1111:
wrong, scientists had found out that chicken had come first
how does scientists come into the picture?
god > science :P
Google it siddi, they give a logical explanation.
god doesnt agree with this
actually first some kind of carnivorous plants came and then came other plants
its chicken. evolution comes with life. It has to have some living organisms that evolve into chicken. If you say egg comes first, it is illogical.
Player banned by moderator Lord STB until 2014-12-30 13:50:29 // 1 month ban as requested. BOW
this is really stupid!!
sorry for posting with alt!
for _-PRAJOY-_: U spoiled the entire Game ... Read the F ... rules U F... Bro

Before u answer the questions plz go through the RULES :

1. An Player is allowed only to answer an Single question.
2. If u know the Answer of the question Post the question followed by an Question of yours; ie you have to post an question with your answer
3. The one who asks the best and complicated Question is the Winner !!!

Reward : Any Random art from Master hunters Set / Thief set / Tactician arts
Guys I lock this Forum as the entire Game is spoiled by an Idiot may be I re-open a new version with updated rules ...
closed by Pravin J (2014-11-30 14:05:36)
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