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Replace Potion of Oblivion with Reset Parameters

AuthorReplace Potion of Oblivion with Reset Parameters
Now that the Potion of Oblivion is free, I see no point of having it in the Artifact Shop. Instead why not just have an option which says "Reset Primary Parameters" right next to our Parameters in the Character Page.

It is a little clumsy to be actually going all the way to the Shop, then Inventory, Using the Potion, back to Character Page, then Reset all Parameters.

Also, since we now have pre set Talent Sets, let's also have Pre Set Parameter Sets, option to which will be available right next to the parameters in Character Page. Will enable quick switching between Offense, Magic and Defense builds.
It is a little clumsy

a little ?

every time I use that potion I have to perform a zillion clicks to increase parameters one by one. (think almost same is true for anyone above lvl 14)
keep calm and thank admins for free potions XD
Not really a -1 from me, but: having actual potions means that you need to have an available inventory spot. Admins may consider that a feature, since it encourages spending to get more inventory space.
+1 for let's also have Pre Set Parameter Sets,
its not the same. Now you need to have at least one free inventory space, meaning if you are overloaded you can't reset ^^
after this update it would be smart to remove marketplace and warehouses from all castles since you can change faction anytime and its easy to farm antifaction skill. its enought to build these buildings once and makes no semce to build it in all castles
hi im back to the game, i still have 3 potion of oblivion, but i cant see where it is ? did they remove already permanently? i noticed the free reset though in the character page.
Yes, it's gone.
closed by Meshy (2021-07-07 11:54:13)
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