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Search for an IITian ( Guwahati )


AuthorSearch for an IITian ( Guwahati )
There is someone from IIT Guwahati here.
I know it, he visited my website :-

Can I know who it was?
He visited my website at around 13:05 server time on March 14 ( the 1st day of pirate event ).

I want to know as I myself want to join an IIT this year
Lol. Who knows, there may be more than one :p
I want to contact anyone
Gettting into IITS is not that easy :P
Great... Mine is at 12-15k :O
I meant 1200 to 1500
u too at resonance?
so who was that guy?

I will give him 500 gold:)
Bro IITans are smart. They won't tell you just for 500 gold.
Give something like 10k or so :P
How many people give the resonance test?
Around 20k or even more
no, not 20k lol
40k people do
Bro IITans are smart. They won't tell you just for 500 gold.

whats in telling?

ok reward increased to 5000 gold, and the person who tells me who he is, would get 500 gold. (only after verifying)
so anyone found?
dude he is an IITian that means that he would be smart enough to win a few events which would have earned him lots of gold why do you think he would even open this forum topic to view?
he saw the pirates event topic so he must be viewing forums:)
You are crackpots...iit is not a magicland it is great due to its students

I will go to Bits Pilani with Cs nd I have already been selected for Mba program at Stanford after Btech so it is really upto you what you make of yourself not some exam or a college

For those drooling at Iit only few courses at few Iit are worthwhile others just for tag nd useless ...ask ay iitian I personally have so many friends in iit-d alone and thwy all regret leaving dtu Cs for worthless mechanical and civil courses there

500+ rank you are getting dont go imo but look for better alternative
Finaly someone from BITS Pilani.

I'll rag you and ask for gold if i meet you :p
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