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Best way to earn Gold in Lordswm

AuthorBest way to earn Gold in Lordswm
Hi guys I was thinking for Days to earn gold easily in Lordswm !!! I thought of many Ideas and also tried Roulette but everything Failed :( ... Now I got an wonderful Idea, which is safe and all will praise you for doing so

Steps :

1) Start a Clan

2) Make it an Militiary Clan

3) Recruit as much as people u can, collecting 15,000 - 20,000 as entry fee ( dont forget to mention no refund) dont even check at thier status just recruit them blindly.

4) Once u Recruit change the clan eligibility to something impossible and begin to eliminate the peoples who u dont wish to be in the clan telling that they do not fall under the clan eligibility.( Note : Never eliminate any popular, powerfull(in community) or too rich players, becoz they would be usefull for you)

5) Start recruiting more people ( Note : Talk to them friendly as much as possible only then they will fall in to ur trap) and ... repeat the process

If the Eliminated people ask for the 10,000 gold they have donated to the clan, reply to them in this format :

To dear friend (player name)
[1] You have not been 'sent out' of clan. When every player joins, they were told of the requirements. We are one family :)

[2] No clan returns entry fees. Then a player can just hop around 100 MCs for free. And system takes 5k from MC treasury every time an invite is sent. :)

[3] Like I said in mail, once you meet all the re-entry requirements, you can write to me. )

See to that u fix high requirements as much possible such that a person can never attain it ...

Note : I thought of this Idea by myself, None of the players or clan leader's in this Game are currenlty using this method to earn Gold ...
Just out of curiosity: If this is such a good way to earn gold, why isn't you or anyone else doing it?
To make a clan one need 2.5kk. If one earns that much gold. Why would he need to implement this idea? :P
If you had 2.5 million to start a military clan, why do you want more?? Be content with that you have :P I've been from -500k to 1.5 million and now almost at zero, and the game is just as fun in all 3 situations ;)
Oh my god thats the most brilliant idea ever , i will surely try that and become a millionare like many other mc leaders who dont give a thing about their recruits . Man you're a genius , Imma tell me my mom .

#indian proud.
General Rule#1.10.2//It is forbidden to post advertisement of, or actual guides, ways of getting rich, etc.
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