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Ok, the following is a project, a rap project to be precise.

I like to freestyle, flow, spit, all a.k.a. rap...just my style is from the mind. No script or pre-anything.

I usually just say what comes to mind, which, can uber suck sometimes but it is what it is and so...

I'll start and please...be uber judgemental (in a nice way, but if ya a G an wanna pm me its all good too.

eh ummm,

waters are shallow
chaseing after lifes shadow
deaths marrow tastin like simple sparrow
Vision narrow, quiver guided,
and can't deny ish
Partially public as public gets but lets not forget to get as public as you partially want it

Incubus it getting, partially let in but fully disruptin as otha's be fronting....eeh ehhh

Here is a lower form to prattle

I rap battle like kittens skit and skadadle

bloom flowers cuz I'm paid by da hour-ah

taste sour, yo check it, I gots da powa

do what cha do I do what I does
raps murda check wit da cuz

like rims then nice rims does

up dat cuz I raps like I does...........

Yuuuup! And I'm done,
time ta pass it on ta the next one
Ok, I see there is a better format for this in poetic rallies so I'm goin over there

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