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158th st lv16

Author158th st lv16
1. 521 goblin trappers/4 titans/11 bonedragons/121 vampire lizards/res
2. 36 cave demons/29 hell reapers/36/29/arrow
3. lizard assailant monster/25 death heralds/recruit monster/92 lizard assailants/hp
4. 19 hell reapers/56 rocs/128 stonegnawars/142 gmb/arrow
5. 28 black knights/27 cyclops/28 black knights/cyclop monster/speed
6. anchorite monster/634 centaur outriders/1471 bruts/103 hell horses/speed
7. 440 wolfhounds/65 treefolks/440/65/mana
8. 110 warlords/486 golems/110/486/arrow
9. 484 stoneeaters/1411 bowmen/484 stoneeaters/bowman monster/mana
10. cyclop monster/118 hydras/457 crusaders/152 mummies/def
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