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Battles over taxes

AuthorBattles over taxes
The grand Demon economist Arabat Flamesoul the Fourth along with Warlord Grammith spent many days developing the tax reform that would have been of a mutual benefit both for the Empire and the Military clans. After long and heated debates, they finally agreed on the fact that only the most powerful clans were to be the tax collectors and supervisors.

Taxation rules:
In order to be able to collect taxes, Military clans have to activate the "Tax Collector" option. Only the Leader or the Deputy of the clan may do so in "Military policy" section. The option is enabled for 30 days and requires 150 battle glory points to activate.
A Military clan may collect taxes from the facilities of any other clans from the facilities of any other clans safe for the subdistricts controlled by a clan in alliance with it.

There are certain rules for the "Taxation" battles on currently tax-free facilities:
1) The clan’s Leader, Warlord or Deputy can create a challenge;
2) Any one facility may be attacked by the same clan only once per 24 hours (failed attempts do account);
3) Challenges for Taxation battles may be created as often as once in 4 hours;
4) The attack can take place anytime outside the protection time and no later than 30 minutes before the start of the protection time;
5) The facility must have no Survilurg challenges at the time of the attack.

The attack on a tax-free facility costs 3 battle glory points; whereas if the facility is already taxed, the battle will be against the military clan who is the current "tax collector", and the cost is 1 battle glory point.

The attacking clan must fill 3 challenges with 2 Lords in each, within 10 minutes since the creation of the challenge. The defending clan will then have 20 minutes to mobilize forces. The clan that manages to win 2 battles out of 3 is the victor.

The challenge for a Taxation attack may be disbanded, and the battle glory returned in full, in the following cases:
1) The defending clan, being the owner of the facility, undergoes the attack of the Survilurgs;
2) The facility has been destroyed.

However, in case when the attacking clan fails to fill the challenge in time the battle glory points are not refunded.

"Tax interception" battle rules are almost identical to the former, except for the clause about Survilurgs. In challenges of this kind, Survilurgs are of no importance, as they attack the military clan itself and not the "tax collector" clan.

The Military clan that owns the facility that has been taxed can remove this burden by attacking the "tax collector" clan, but not before 24 hours have passed since becoming taxed. Such attacks can be carried out once per 24 hours for each facility and do not cost battle glory points. In case of victory, the facility becomes tax-free, and the previous "tax collector" clan will be able to attack this facility only in 72 hours;

These battles are of the 2x2 format with no restrictions on weaponry nor on combat levels. Commanders’ Guild points may be granted to the victor if:
1) 4 Lords took part in the battle;
2) The sum of the difference of combat levels is not more than 4 (Lords of combat levels 21 and 20 are counted as Lords of combat level 19);
3) The victor’s army suffers over 25% casualties at the end of the battle.

In these battles artifacts do lose their durability.

For a taxed facility, the tax amount will be equal to 30% of the payment for the control over that facility. 25% of the tax will be granted to the "tax collector" clan and 5% will go to Empire’s treasury. The tax is paid once in 24 hours along with the payment for the control over the facility. Taxes are paid only as long as the facility has had a full day taxation period.

A slight amendment in the rules for Survilurgs’ attacks: the Military clan that has lost a facility to the Survilurgs cannot take part in the next battle for the control over that facility.

Enjoy the game and may the taxes be low!
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