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Auto-settlement in pre-combat doesn't work for some new MG quests

AuthorAuto-settlement in pre-combat doesn't work for some new MG quests
Noticed it for vanguards and I think it doesn't work on some others too, but not sure. Probably it doesn't work on vanguards because one tile is blocked ? (that tile is the guy we protect in the quest)
Yeah the problem exists only in vanguards after all. I propose the following solutions :

1. Place all vanguard guys who need help on the same corner and create a field in auto-settlement that doesn't count that corner.


2. Create two more fields in auto-settlements, one for each corner blocked.
There is one more point, what if the guy who needs help is a large creature(never encountered one but in case), then again auto settlement has to be improved.
Thank you !
closed by Lord Hallion91 (2015-10-02 18:46:12)
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