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[Weaponsmith][4x10][Armorer][4x5][P aybacks]

Author[Weaponsmith][4x10][Armorer][4x5][P aybacks]
Weaponsmith now is 4x10 - Payback 75 gold for 1 element + bonus* (4*10 is payback 18 000 gold + bonus)
Armorer will be is 4x5 - Payback (250 gold per 1 element + bonus* (4*5 is min. payback 9500 gold + bonus)

*Bonus: if you order 2 or more items for full craft (4*10 weaponsmth and 4*5 armorer) i'll upgrade paybacks for 1 next craft for 50%
Blacksmith for repair is always busy by crafting items. (repair is 90%) All items that I have craft - have always (during war or ivent) 102% repair time and maximum priority
Wake up guys! Why are you sleeping now? Did you see white rabbit?
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