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Watchers` guild

AuthorWatchers` guild
Ancient tales of a secretive guild of watchmen that would defend the Empire lands from its numerous enemies long before every other guild appeared were passed from generation to generation, from dynasty to dynasty. The watchmen would defend the Empire with a shield unseen, fighting the invaders, punishing the villains, guarding ancient relics and protecting magical leylines. At times, woeful events would disturb the relevant calm in the Empire, forcing the nobility to take arms to defend their land as it would seem that the saving hand of the guild had vanished. But over time things would resume their normal course.
Many Heroes of the Empire, as well as Lords and Ladies later on, sought to discover the guild's location and the watchmen themselves, but the latter waited for the fateful hour. They knew that eventually times of great disturbance would come and the Empire would appear under too much tension. And that then, only the most prominent of the heroes and lords would have to be accepted among the ranks of the veteran Watchmen.

Lords and Ladies! A truly historic event has occurred today. The previously reticent Watchers' Guild has opened its doors to all Lordship seeking to join the ranks and to multiply its glory.

The Watchmen Guildmaster has enjoined to publish a guild precept sheet for all contestants:

1. Any Lord or Lady of combat level 3 and above may join the new guild;
2. In order to join the guild, you will need to run a test errand offered by the guildmaster;
3. Watchers' Guild may be accessed via the link, as well as in the top right corner of the map.

1. Three Watchers' Guild errands are available each day. Errands are changed at midnight;
2. The first successful completion of an errand is awarded with gold scaling by your combat level;
3. Success of your combat is ranked in stars (from 1 to 3), depending on suffered casualties. The better an errand is completed, the more experience, faction skill points and guild points you will receive. A 3 star errand will also earn a random creature armament;
4. An errand with its success ranked at 1 or 2 stars may be re-run to improve your result and get the difference of experience, faction skill points and guild points;
5. If a re-run errand is failed or the result isn't improved, the difference of points will not be received;
6. An errand may only be re-run with the faction and class from the initial attempt;
7. Only shop artifacts are accepted in guild errands. Artifact enchantments have no effect;
8. For each combat level there is a set level of required and recommended ammunition points;
9. Errand complexity increases with each new guild level;
10. All guild errands are accomplishable a posteriori (already completed at the given combat level with the given faction and class);
11. The potion of skill has effect in Watchers' Guild combats (at average faction skill level at the given combat level);
12. Lords with activated Abu-Bakir’s Charm can change Watchers’ Guild errand once a day (if no stars have been earned).

You may find information about Watchers' Guild level rewards in the relevant section of the game reference.

Brave the Watchers' Guild trial now!
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