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Tavern game bug

AuthorTavern game bug
This is weird, it's the first time I see a bug in two towers game, anyway.

The scenario is like this. I play Prism, Discard Parity and then I can't play any card next. I tried clicking on them, but nothing happened. Note that I had enough resources to play many cards, like "Fortified Wall", "Full moon", "Defective ore", "Power explosion". This screenshot explains my situation with one look :
Link to game:

Game log note:
2015-09-08 14:56: kapral5(IN RUSSIAN) vs Lord Hallion91

Today I played the same combo : Played Prism first, then discarded Parity and then I could play a card normally, the bug didn't happen, so I guess it's not the combination of those cards, must be something else.

Link to game:

Game log note:
2015-09-09 10:18: LeshiyMolot(IN RUSSIAN) vs Lord Hallion91
Yes, it's a bug. If it happens you can refresh page and then play card normally.
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