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Author13th Paired Tournament Plus
Raindrops pummeled against the glass since morning, leaving long streaks of water. Warlord Grammith stared at the window vacantly, waiting for Abu-Bakir’s visit. It seemed like they hadn’t talked in ages. A sudden lightning bolt blinded the warlord for a moment, and the next thing he saw was the grey-haired court wizard standing in front of him.
“Is there anything I may help you with, Grammith?”
“Oh, right...” Shaking his head awhile, the warlord came to his senses and finally continued. “So what have you learned about the new artifacts?”
“At first I thought their secret was the answer,” began the wizard in his usual slow pace. “A magician’s trick employing an unusual appearance to elicit vain curiosity. But ever since citizens of the Empire started using the cubes, I’ve noticed a magical connection between them.”
“Shall we take them all away?” The warlord’s voice betrayed a hint of anxiety.
“No. I mean to find out who stands behind this. It is hardly Rayzar’s plot, but the artifacts’ power is affecting the essence of things around us. Certain changes are already being felt.”
“Will this go on? I was about to announce the start of a new Paired Tournament!” Grammith’s face darkened. He was loath to cancel the upcoming competition.
“’Tis too early to tell. Luckily, the energy these new artifacts emanate is quite easily spotted. I will see to it that none is present on the battle arena.”
“Thank you.” The warlord heaved a sigh of relief. “A little exercise will do our lords well while things are quiet.”
“So mote it be,” concluded Abu-Bakir.

Announcing an amendment to the demon’s Consume corpse perk: The ability can now be applied only to a demon’s own perished stacks.

Lords and Ladies, please welcome the 13th Paired Tournament Plus! This reputed competition challenges all fans of 2-vs-2 group battles to form stable duos with the same teammate or take a chance on randomly matched peers. All heroes of combat level 3 or higher are eligible. Fight for victory while you earn points toward the Tacticians’ Guild, your faction level, and of course tournament standings. The very best fighters will not only share the prize fund but also be honored with the following tournament achievements, which may be attained by any hero in any number of attempts:

  - 15 victories with a win rate of 90% or higher

  - 15 victories with a win rate of 80% or higher

  - 15 victories with any win rate

Important! This new tournament format does not place any restrictions on the number of losses, and the achievements are available to all heroes! All entry fees will contribute to the main prize fund. There is no bonus fund, and no special awards are allocated for the best 10% contestants. Prizes will only be awarded to those who reach the required number of victories, in any number of attempts.

Fight as a team and win! Good luck!
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