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Participation in Random tournament denied for me more than 10 times

AuthorParticipation in Random tournament denied for me more than 10 times
I am not sure why the code is singling out on me but I was denied participation so many times that I am so frustrated. This is just too many times, and in that it happened 4 times today. I wrote on the Queries and Help forum but noone seems to give a satisfactory explanation of why this is happening.
Sorry for double post I just thought I should add that this is happening in the Paired tournament plus that is currently on.
Again not working, I am stopping tournament till someone can fix this.
This is not a bug. It's mainly because Paired Tournament requires a even number of participants and if a odd amount of participants are present, 1 would be kicked to even it out.

Probably this is the most satisfactory answer it can get:
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