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Castle Siege

AuthorCastle Siege
The Empire heralds’ message, though odder and cloudier than usual, did the trick. The news of a high-profile prisoner being escorted out of the infamous Ghosts’ Tower quickly reached even the scrubbiest of taverns in the most godforsaken corners of the vast Empire. The bait was cast—and yet it did not lure the beast out: The caravan that left the Tower under the cloak of night never reached its destination.
The massive doors of the magnificent Royal Castle throne room flew open with a bang. A mysterious figure wrapped in a blood-soaked cape of an Imperial guard took several steps forward, offhandedly shook off the cape on the floor, revealing a royal face, and stomped on the clothing in utter disgust.
“How much evil these walls have witnessed while their sovereign was away!” exclaimed King Althor IV the Lightbringer, chin raised high and proud. The next moment his glance was all steel. “Burn all this filth down!” he snapped to his minions, pointing to the numerous Empire tapestries that adorned the walls.
“Consider it done, Your Serene Highness!” said a timid voice. It belonged to a monk who appeared out of nowhere, wearing a black robe with a long hood that covered most of his face save for the grey tip of his righteous beard.
“O’ how sweet the taste of freedom is after all those years behind bolt and bar!” pronounced the king, taking in a full breath. “Pity the same cannot be said about those… critters!”
“Beg your pardon, Your Serene Highness, but this alliance was born out of necessity. The whole Empire is already aware of the coup, and their armies will soon be storming the castle walls.” With every word the monk’s voice dropped, gradually turning into whisper. “The dwarves fortified them duly, so I trust we shall hold out.”
“So we shall!” resolved King Althor IV the Lightbringer. “Prepare to fend off the enemy siege!”

Lords and Ladies, the longstanding enemy of the Empire, King Althor, has escaped while being escorted from prison. His pack of henchmen has betrayed the Empire, sworn an oath to him and are harbouring him in one of his former castles.

Warlord Grammith is calling on all Heroes to head to Kingdom Castle and besiege the traitors. Scouts report that the first line of defense is not that strong, but with each victory the castle fortifications get tougher and tougher. To help in your siege, you will be equipped with war machines including a catapult, ballista and first aid tent.

Campaign details:
1. All combat is 1 on 1 against an enemy that has taken cover inside a castle.
2. All heroes of combat level 3 and above are eligible.
3. Your opponents may be of any faction and (starting with CL 5) any class.
4. Only shop artifacts are allowed, and no enhancements take effect.
5. The campaign starts with a siege of a level 1 enemy castle. Every time you are victorious, the difficulty and level of the enemy castle increase.
6. Castle walls partially protect the defending troops from ranged attacks and spell damage.
7. After finishing each combat, you earn points which can be spent to buy and upgrade your mechanisms: catapult, ballista and first aid tent.
8. In case of defeat, in your next siege you will face the same type of opponent, but the defending army will be diminished in strength (the more troops you’ve killed in the last battle, the weaker the next army is).
9. When capturing a castle of a new level, you may plunder its vaults to find gold, low-durability artifacts and creature armaments.
10. You can complete up to 15 sieges a day. Unused attempts are carried over to the next day(s).
11. The campaign will last 6 days, through October 21 inclusive. Heroes will also have two additional days, through October 23, to realize any accumulated unused attempts.
12. Potion of skill is effective within this campaign.
13. Sieges are possible only from sectors adjacent to Kingdom Castle.
14. Heroes who manage to defeat castles of certain level will be rewarded with these unique artifacts:

Defeat a level 20 castle and get:  -

Defeat a level 30 castle and get:   -

Defeat a level 40 castle and get:   -

15) The durability of these unique artifacts will be based on the hero’s combat level.

Punish the traitors and bring the runaway felon back to prison! To battle!
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