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#8095 Brothers In Arms

Author#8095 Brothers In Arms
Welcome to the clan's post for Brothers In Arms!

This clan is all about laughter, friendship and dedication.
The unique part about this clan is the fact that we will break your name down as much as possible, and figure out the true meaning of it!

> Take a look at a few people inside the clan to see what I mean <

We will also accept storage of your money.
Examples of reasons for this would be:

>> Saving from wasting it on roulette.
>> Keeping some saved up money for events.
>> Depositing a little now and then to give you a gold boost at a certain level.

There are but a few rules to joining this wonderful clan:

>> Dedication to your account. (No more than 3 accounts, clean transfer logs)
>> Joining fee 1000 Gold. (This is needed to invite people)
>> Be friendly! (This clan is all about friendship, so please, be kind!)

If you have any other questions, feel free to message Arcanide or myself, CertifiedRogue.
You may also message any of the recruiters in the clan :).
Player banned by moderator MrBattleControl until 2015-11-17 02:21:42 // LR #8. Do not flood topics with irrelevant comments or try to ‘up’ them. Any post devoid of useful meaning is considered an ‘up.’
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