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Readme first! Local Rules

AuthorReadme first! Local Rules
1. Topic titles should specifically mention whos being congratulated and on what. For example, "Happy birthday, Steve!" or "Knight12345 reaches CL 20". Avoid misleading or empty titles that force others to open the topic to find out what its about.

2. Avoid excessive use of caps, smiley faces or special symbols in topic titles. Dont use more than three punctuation symbols for emphasis or to draw attention to your topic.

3. If congratulating a specific clan member, do NOT mention the clans ID or name in the topic title.

4. Do not start multiple topics about the same event, but add to an existing topic instead.

5. Dont use slang or ciphers (such as leetspeak).

6. Do not flood topics with irrelevant comments or engage in flame wars.

7. Do not post ASCII art. If youd like to make a greeting card, use a graphics editor (such as Windows Paint) and an image hosting service (such as imageshack.us).

8. If congratulating multiple clan mates, use a topic title like "Congratulations, XYZ clan members!" and then mention each one in the body of your topic.
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