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Local Rules

AuthorLocal Rules
1. These rules complement the main forum rules and govern only this forum section.

2. Use a title that briefly describes your idea/suggestion.

3. Your idea/suggestion should accomplish a concrete goal and describe how it can be implemented. It should also answer the question, "Why is this necessary for the game?".

4. Start a separate topic for each idea/suggestion.

5. Read through the "Upcoming features" pinned topic before starting a new one, as your idea may already be in line for implementation. Also read the pinned topic "Ideas suggested multiple times."

6. Do not start topics with suggestions to weaken/strengthen any specific unit, faction, or artifact.

7. Do not start topics with suggestions to alter the formulas for gaining experience/skill points.

8. Post only if you have something meaningful to say on topic. Avoid empty posts consisting of e.g. only "+" or "-". If you are not part of the Administration and have nothing to contribute to the discussion, refrain from posting in this forum section.
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