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Readme first - Local Rules

AuthorReadme first - Local Rules
1. Every clan may maintain no more than one own thread in this forum section.

2. Clan representatives may engage in public debate, but such discussions must stay strictly on topic.

3. When posting in a clans thread, do not advertise any other clans. You may only mention other clans that are part of the same hierarchy (such as an academy, military clan and/or economics clan all related to each other), other allied clans, and/or other technical clans created for a particular purpose (such as training/practice, helping out with hunts, combat with restrictions on artifact points and/or builds, and so on).

4. Links to a clan website are allowed only in that clans own thread. Any other links not related to clans or clan websites are prohibited.

5. The title of a clans thread must consist of the clans ID and name only. For example, "#5 Dragon Lovers".

For military clans you may add the suffix [military clan]. Do no deviate from this format in any other way.

6. You may start a topic such as "My clan is recruiting" if youre only planning to register a new clan. After you do register one, alert the forum moderator and ask them to close your topic. Then you can open your clans own thread.

7. Do not post topics like "Looking to join a clan". Instead, search for clans to join and apply with their leaders.

8. Do not flood topics with irrelevant comments or try to up them. Any post devoid of useful meaning is considered an up.

9. Do not advertise quest tips or guides published on your clans website. If your clans website contains such quest tips or guides, make NO mention of quests when advertising your clan in the game.
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