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Readme first! Local rules

AuthorReadme first! Local rules
1. The General game forum should be kept free of topics that belong in their specific sections such as "Trade forum", "Ideas and suggestions", "Complaints and applications" and so on. If you’ve posted in the wrong section by accident, request that your topic be moved/deleted.

2. Before creating a new topic, make sure there are no similar topics on the first few pages of the section. Do not clone existing topics.

3. Your topic should concern general game issues only. Attempting to advance one’s personal interests by masking them as general issues is subject to a long-lasting forum ban.

4. If you’d like to get in touch with the Administration, please contact the Secretary (https://www.lordswm.com/pl_info.php?id=4). Do not start topics like "When will things finally get balanced?", "This game is only getting worse!", "A question for the administration", etc.

5. Do not start new topics asking "Where has my topic gone?", "Who has removed my topic?", "Topics are disappearing...", etc. If your topic has been deleted, there must have been a valid reason.

6. If you've decided to leave the game, we’re sorry to hear that. However, please don’t post about it in the General game forum. It is your personal decision rather than a common game issue. Please go silently without spoiling the fun for other players who are enjoying the game.

7. If you believe some topics do not match this forum section, or some messages are straying off topic, this is not grounds for violating forum rules. If you don't have anything to say on topic, don’t post in it but alert forum moderators to the violation.

8. Personal attacks or squabbling is strictly forbidden in this or other forum sections. If you have a bone to pick with someone, do so – espectfully – via private messages.

9. Topic titles in this section include tags reflecting their scope and focus.

Official tags include:
[News] – discussions of official game news and announcements.
[Update] – discussions of game updates and modifications not announced specifically.
[HWM Daily] – discussions of HWM Daily* blog publications.
*Only HWM Daily associates are allowed to use this tag.

If you’d like to use an unofficial tag, first have it approved by the moderators assigned to this forum section; otherwise you’re liable for any content posted under that tag. All tags should reflect the specific scope and focus as accurately as possible.

10. Do not use this forum section to run polls or surveys. Instead use HWM Daily blog resources available at http://daily.heroeswm.ru/vote.php

Only discussions of polls concerning general game issues are allowed.
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