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AuthorLocal Rules
1. This forum section is reserved for organizing and discussing combat tournaments and card tournaments.

2. Do not start rhetorical topics such as "Why are Elves underperforming in this tournament?", "This tournament format is wrong/boring", "A question for the administration", and so on.

3. Do not start threads about a Survival Tournament before it actually begins.

4. You may create topics related to specific combat levels OR specific factions only. Do not discuss specific combinations of CL and faction. Such topics are subject to immediate removal and a ban for the topic starter.

5. You may only start a topic dedicated to your own combat level.

6. For official tournaments run by the game administration, you may start topics such as "6th Minor Tournament, CL 5" or "Survival Tournament, Wizards". Do not start topics such as "6th Minor Tournament, CL 5 Wizards".

7. When organizing custom tournaments, follow the general game rules and terms.
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