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Local Rules

AuthorLocal Rules
1. Never discuss ANY other online games or projects, with the only exceptions being Lineage, World of Warcraft and Dota 2. Do not post links to any online games or projects.

2. Do not post about or provide links to:
Unlicensed software;
Methods of hacking / stealing other peoples information or intellectual property;
Multilevel marketing (MLM) programs or any other money-making Internet schemes.

3. When posting links to third-party websites, follow game rules 3.24 through 3.25.1.

4. Given the proliferation of Internet fraud, any social fundraising or charity promotions are prohibited here.

5. Considering heightened political tensions worldwide, politics discussions of any kind are off limits.

6. Please respect other peoples points of view and personal preferences. If youre a hockey fan and someone else prefers basketball, that is not grounds for an argument or conflict.

7. This is not an Off-topic forum. Posting irrelevant comments and outright garbage are subject to a forum ban.
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