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Readme first! Local Rules

AuthorReadme first! Local Rules
Dear players,

Before starting topics or posting comments in this forum section, please read and follow these rules:

1. If a complaint does not concern you directly, do not post in the topic. Third-party comments are allowed only if they provide additional evidence relevant to the complaint or replace a link to the full battle log with an easy-to-read ‘battlechat’ link. Arguments, speculation and other irrelevant comments are subject to a 24 hour forum ban. To lodge a complaint, start your own topic – do not add to other similar topics.

2. If you would like to report a private message, contact the Insults character. To forward a private message that contains insults, foul language, malicious links, etc., click Reply and replace the recipient’s nickname with ‘Insults’.

3. Do not duplicate your complaints or ‘up’ them by posting meaningless comments. If your topic has been locked, your request has been processed and the case is closed.

4. You may appeal a penalty or ban by applying with the Appeal Committee. Please read and follow the appeal rules at https://www.lordswm.com/clan_info.php?id=6500

5. When lodging a complaint, make sure to provide relevant links such as a battle log, the nickname of the player you are reporting, an excerpt from the transfer log, etc. To ensure your complaint is processed quickly, include a clear and concise description of the issue you’re complaining about. Do not quote insults directly. Do not advertise third-party websites.

6. Please do not report comments made by neutral creatures in battle. They are not meant to insult anyone nor can their behavior be modified.

7. Not applicable to this forum section.

8. Any request that you add to your battle challenge are optional. It may or may not be respected by your potential opponent, and if not, this is not a violation of game rules.

9. Temporary alliances in “free-for-all” combat are allowed. If two or more players join forces to eliminate another, this is not a violation of game rules. However, keep in mind that this rule does not permit group combat with your secondary character or multiple characters playing on the same PC.

10. Not applicable to this forum section.

11. If you’ve been fined 1 gold, treat it as a warning meant to encourage you to follow the rule(s) cited in the fine. A multi-login is when two or more characters log in to the game from the same PC. This style of play imposes certain requirements on both characters (including certain statements in their profiles, being prohibited from group combat together, and others; for more details see general game rules).

12. Only the victim(s) of a violation may lodge complaints. In particular, complaints of insults (such as foul language, heavy flooding, threats or personal attacks) in combat or in the tavern may be lodged ONLY by the victim(s) of that insult who was part of the combat or card game in question. If you have been banned from participating in the forum, wait for the ban to end before posting again.

13. The sharing of hunt rewards is optional, i.e. if you helped someone out on a hunt, they are not obliged to share the money with you, and vice versa neither are you. Any complaints of failure to share hunt rewards will be ignored, even if the other player promised to share during battle chat.

14. Not applicable to this forum section.

15. This is NOT a venue for forum debates. There are moderators assigned to monitor this section. If you would like to complain about a moderator, contact the Secretary directly via a private message.

16. If your topic is still open, avoid posting new ones – add to your open topic instead.

17. The game administration is not here to help you retaliate against people. Investigating each complaint takes time. If you’ve witnessed a violation, go ahead and lodge a complaint, but please do not purposefully seek out violations and report players excessively. Players who attempt to exact revenge against someone, e.g. posting topics saying "So-and-so has been a bad boy, investigate him!", risk being banned.
Important! This section is reserved for reporting:

¤ Insults in battle or the tavern, foul language, personal attacks, threats, or flooding (irrelevant comments).
¤ “Fixed” battles, battles for money, deliberate losses, or poor sportsmanship in battle.
¤ Flooding or insults in the transfer log.

Screenshots are not accepted as proof of a violation. If you witness a violation and the only available evidence is a screenshot (e.g. a battle challenge description that violates rules), do NOT lodge a complaint. This will be sorted out by responsible parties and your involvement is not required.

Posting complaints inconsistent with the purpose of this forum section is subject to a forum ban.
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