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chain lightnin' bug..

Authorchain lightnin' bug..
well this is pretty obvious:

chain lightning:

Deals damage to a total of four stacks, jumping from the target to the *CLOSEST* stack

Alright. so how can the 1 mirage on the back not be closer than lorekeepers, here?


Bug, please get it fixed ^^
for large creatures, it is calculated from top left square
both the 1 mirage dragon and the lore were on 2 squares distance
Which square did you click on?
for randomr1:
It doesn't matter which tile he clicked on. For large creatures, even if you select the bottom right, the default settings will always for top left.
Ok admins should fix it imo, it makes no practical sense.
If they were to fix that they should also fix Large Creatures being in range of an archer or not depending where you click.

I guess it has to do with the way the game is programmed/coded.
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