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need help with the notification

Authorneed help with the notification
i accidentally clicked the notification box that says something like"never show this box again" .. now when the enroll timer is due, there is no more pop-up..

can anyone teach me how to enable the thing again?? thanks a lot
What browser are you using?

For firefox, try
right click on the lwm page > View page info > Permissions tab > find "Show notification" > change it back to something other than disable/block

I don't know about chrome, but I believe the setting will only last for the session so closing the game tabs and opening it again should make the pop-up come out again. You can also try restarting chrome if that doesn't work.
Also take a look at two ends of the url bar and see if there's a pop-up icon crossed out, you should be able to adjust the settings from there.
done..thanks Sylin. i donno how i did it, but it appears again :D
closed by Lord spiral-doom (2015-12-25 06:50:44)
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