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Wrestling fans?

AuthorWrestling fans?
Let's shake it a little bit up.
Is there any wrestling funs?
If you know what are "Lucha Underground","WWE","TNA" , "Ring of Honor", "NJPW", you're welcome!
Share your favourite wrestlers, matches, discuss ppv' results.
For trolls: Yeah, wrestling is pre-planned perfomance. Now get out:P
My favourite wrestler Roman reigns.

Favorite match sheamus vs reigns ( vince mcmahon as special guest referee)
Don't you think he's overpushed?;)

Espeshially, when he fought out almost entire RAW roster:D
Really waiting for Dean Ambrose vs KO Last Man Standing match
I only know Johnny Mundo from Lucha Underground, previously was in WWE/ECW as John Morrison/Johnny Nitro if I remember all the names correctly. Very athletic, not sure why WWE dropped him in the end.

Been a very long time since I watched WWE, I stopped watching when Edge retired. As you can guess, he was my favourite.

Even longer time for TNA. I guess my favourite would be AJ Styles for sure. Not sure if he still wrestles under TNA, or even wrestle in general. There's this bald guy called Low-Ki or something like that, liked him as well.

I never watched the others. I do watch WWE some time when my brother watches it but I think it is nothing like what it used to be. I used to be excited at the carnage and violence but now this PG business is really putting a damper on my mood. Moral of the story is that WWE is now just a massive pile of faeces
for Hoxton:
Yeah, i wonder why dean ambrose and usos didn't come for help.
for vicky666:
cuz they know, that roman can kick'em all by solo:D
The rock really rocks!
I remember watching randy orton and john cena being the biggest competitiors of their times not to forget the everlasting undertaker _/\_

but randy and cena were always in the spotlight until the new guys like Daniel bryan reigns, ambrose etc came.

but tbh Attitude era was the best under vince McMahon's rule

The Authority just sucks. :P
I like WWE and still watching it, but the product isn't that good anymore as it used to be.

On the current roster, I like Seth Rollins more. I like Luke Harper too.
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