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#9206 Elite Shadows

Author#9206 Elite Shadows

Announcement: I am searching for recruiters, the first 2 recruiter will be made on 50% their fee, means 1500, hurry!

Read about it on clan page :P


Be a part of it and take advantages...

You can also be a member of the clan, PM me or new recruiters and when you will be a member then send the gold..

Member fee- 500 gold + 700 gold for clan + 300 for recruiter = 1500 gold

Come on don't think and join our clan. To be a part of this-

1-Main account
2-Clean transfer log
3-Friendly person :)
4-Submit the member fee after joining

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!!
pm me to be recruiter..
sorry,this clan is no more. It is my private clan now
closed by Ajith (2016-02-15 15:51:23)
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