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#9452 Survival Enthusiasts

Author#9452 Survival Enthusiasts
A club for Survival tournament lovers.

Here, we share information, strategies and experiences of all related to ST.


- Combat Level 5 or above.
- Active participation in Survival tournaments.
* 'Active' means at least 3 participation in the latest 5 STs.
- Clean transfer log.
- Main account only.

Entrance fee: 555 Gold.
Player banned by moderator MrBattleControl until 2016-03-06 14:30:53 // LR#8(Clans)//Do not flood topics with irrelevant comments or try to ‘up’ them. (warning)
A bit modification of requirements:
*'Active' now means at least 5 participation of all previous Survival tournaments, or at least 1 medal won.

What you will get in this clan:
. ST strategies via clan mail.
. ST wave information of given combat level by request (private mail).
. A discount in smith service: 80%/74%.
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