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AuthorIntroducing Campaigns!
Introducing campaigns: intriguing adventures on graphic minimaps in which you wage battle, collect valuable items and interact with other story characters. Unlike quest missions, campaigns battles feature heroes whose armies and stats generally match yours in strength, meaning that you can complete each campaign multiple times with different factions for new and exciting experiences.

1. Each campaign comes in three difficulty levels: Recruit, Warrior and Hero. You will need to successfully complete a particular campaign on the Warrior level before the Hero level becomes available.
2. For the first time you successfully complete a campaign on each difficulty level (using a particular faction and class), you will receive a valuable reward depending on the difficulty. Rewards may include diamonds, estate certificates (100 are needed to claim an estate), gold, resources, artifacts and/or creature armaments. It is possible to receive multiple rewards for the same campaign by first completing it on your current combat level and again later on higher combat levels.
3. You can fight campaign battles wearing any artifacts. No enhancements apply.
4. Experience and faction skill points for campaign battles won are awarded only for the first time you play a campaign on a given combat level, with a given faction and class, on each difficulty level. If you lose the same campaign battle several times, you only receive (partial) experience and skill points for the first loss.
5. If you replay a campaign with a different faction or class, the enemies you face will be different. All battles are known to be winnable.
6. Similar to the Watchers Guild, your performance in campaign battles is evaluated based on how much of your army survives. The highest possible result may be attained only by winning all of the available battles in a campaign.
7. If you lose a particular battle three times or more, the enemy’s army will be weakened, but an eventual victory will only bring minimum points.
8. Performance rankings will be maintained for each combat level, taking into account all of a character’s completed campaigns including all the factions and classes used.
9. Potion of Skill is effective when fighting campaign battles (based on the average faction skill level of all characters of your combat level).

The first campaign is already available for you to play. The Empress recently sent the court healer on an important mission, but he has since gone missing. You are called upon to locate his abductors and rescue the poor fellow.
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