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Three Wishes

AuthorThree Wishes
If you get to fulfill any three wishes in your real life what will they be?
And please do not post 1st wish I get 10 more wishes like things -_-
You just got fair and square 3 ! :D
gals and money. Two more than enough for me. But since u say 3, will be more than happy to have immortality
Money will get you the gals, you can spare one wish.

Immortality in a society going to hell ? Not for me :o)
Immortality in a society going to hell
nice one =)
Well my personal 3 would be -
1. Invisibility whenever I want
2. Teleport anywhere with my wish
3. I decide when anyone I know dies or lives (even me)
1 peace & quiet
2 no commitments, responsibilties and dependencies
3 cookies to be good for your health
Only one wish - Valhalla is real
1. Be able to change past
2. Be able to change present
3. Be able to change future
1. Immortality, or to define it better : Infinite health
2. Wisdom: Absolute knowledge/understanding of this word and beyond.
3. I wish everyone around me was as unique as biology allows.
Teleportation is just so necessary, I many times don't like to go anywhere just because of travelling -_-"
Nurgle once made fun of person who asked for infinite health. So Nurgle infected him all diseases with all symptoms, but this person wasn't able to die, because he was immortal.

There is another joke about asking for wisdom in some book i read. In brief, if your brain will carry too much information, your organism have to send all power to brain to be able to function normally. So you even couldn't move of do something :)

"Leprechaun" films are good as example about wishes fulfillment:)
no health problems with immortality

amazing friends and long life for family

infinite amount of wealth

by-products: lots of gals,food,respect,blah blah
How ?
1. Being able to get however amount of money I need in my pocket everytime.
2. Have a good family and friends.
3. Live out a happy, funny and a good life. :)
How ?

you have amazing friends and family
u also donate a lot to charity because u have infinite wealth

so more of help for others = more respect
There are holes in all wishes interpretation, unless I spend half my life in writing it down. If you don't care to fulfill a wish properly, don't bother offering one at the first place.
1st wish I get 10 more wishes
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