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Tamer dark elf insight Results

AuthorTamer dark elf insight Results
Good luck everyone :)
time to began last battles.
Participants level: 12
Amount of attempts: 7 (7)
Highest score: Tamer dark elf 130132
The wait is killing me
When will the results be published?
Could be 08:00
I'm praying it's midnight lol.
yeah. want to know do i get back pay fee... lol
Omfg I came 31st :(((
Lvl 10 - gold medal
Lvl 11 - silver medal
for Night Crawler:
Omg gratz! :D
Does anyone know when we get the reward?
Nvm they gave it quite fast.
That insight was quite profitable. :D
got 40k gold ...freebies
Got em boyz ..
Got my 1st insight reward although 10% achievement but still 40k gold :)
Look at lv 9 results. 2k difference in points takes you from nada to bronze:/
It should be less Competitive than that. Now it's all about who's luck triggered in the final wave.
lel 15 bronz :(
64k gold from this tournament...Quite profitable :P
32k gold for 34th place.
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