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[Arrmorer][4x10][Elements only]

Author[Arrmorer][4x10][Elements only]
A level 10 armor enchantment gives you 20% protection and it costs 30 elements.

Look at my profile for details.

Send your armor this way:
* Go to your inventory: www.lordswm.com/inventory.php
* Click "Transfer" on your item
* Enter character name: Lord Almer
* Specify price: 1 gold
* Specify transfer type: Transfer with recall in:
0.01 days, 0 combats, Don't Allow repairing

Send your elements this way:
* Go to www.lordswm.com/el_transfer.php
* Enter character name: Lord Almer
* Select the element type: <element type>
* Specify amount: <number of elements>
* Specify the full price for your transaction: 1
* Transaction description: For example "A10 for Platemail"

The way to get a place in the queue is to send elements to me. I will do enchantments in the order of received elements.
You can get ahead of the queue for a cost of 100/element.

I will try to keep my queue updated here:
closed by Lord Almer (2018-11-12 13:54:06)
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