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Teamwork in Free for All

AuthorTeamwork in Free for All
These two people were clearly working together in this free for all game, to the point where they didn't attack anyone but me for almost the entire game, even making sure their bowmen's arrow volley ability missed each other's units and only hit mine, even though they could have hit more units!
9. Temporary alliances in “free-for-all” combat are allowed. If two or more players join forces to eliminate another, this is not a violation of game rules. However, keep in mind that this rule does not permit group combat with your secondary character or multiple characters playing on the same PC.
I know working together isn't an offence but in this case they seemed a bit too 'friendly'. Deliberately missing with the archers just to hit my troops seems a little over the top for a temporary alliance.
check if they joined up multiple combats together, which would make it illegal
3# The fact of you being a player from ".Com" has some impact in it.

There was a time in which I played FFA very very often, and I saw this happen.
I've even seen a group of 4 people against me just for the fact of speaking English, it almost reached the "Racism" level.

And no, it is allowed in the Rules.
I guess its because you cant really know whether they are "Teaming Up", or just attacking the same guy for the fact of boredom, or just because the other is the closest hostile unit.

In the other hand, "Psycology" or whatever you wanna call it also has an impact in this kind of battles.
I often used to "Save" a guy in bad/losing conditions to win his trust for the rest of the battle, thus he would support me against the others.
You may aswell pretend to move your units against someone, and then backstabd somebody else... I dont know, things like that.
Try to play with their minds somehow, yet it is true you gonna be often in Disadvantage due to the fact of being an English speaker, sad but true.

Winning a FFA makes you feel awesome. :P
Since it implies you being the "Best/Strongest/Most Tactical" in a group of 6 people.
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